Excerpt About Limitations

The Deepest State that can be Perceived When there are No Limitations

The deepest, most objective state one can experience, in the sense that there is nothing that you can experience beyond it, is what we call the Absolute. The Absolute is absolutely unchangeable, absolutely itself, absolute in the sense that it’s ultimate. You cannot experience anything beyond it. It does not make sense that there could be anything beyond it. Some traditions call it the “mystery,” or the “unknowable.” The dimension of the Absolute is the peak, but it is not a peak in the sense of the peak of a mountain. It is fundamental. If you consider physical matter, for instance, and go deeper and deeper, until you get to the most elementary element, what is the farthest you can go, where you can’t go any further? Without limitations on what levels can be perceived, what will you finally reach? The Absolute. The experience of the Absolute here is actually the Absolute experiencing the Absolute in itself; we could say experiencing itself as the Absolute, but it is not really as, since there is no separation or mediation in the experience. This is the only way it is possible to experience the Absolute completely, as the Absolute experiencing the Absolute. If the Absolute is experiencing the Absolute, the experience is that there is no experience. Absolutely That’s why it’s called the Absolute! It’s absolutely empty of anything you can call experience.

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