Excerpt About Limitations

The Soul’s Potential Has No Limitations

The soul’s potential includes all of our human capacities, functions, possibilities, and experiences. It includes all the dimensions of experience and consciousness. The potential has no limitations; it includes all that we think of as positive and all that we think of as negative. It is the potential for ego and its development, but also the potential for essence and its realization. It is the potential for ignorance and violence, but also the potential for maturation and enlightenment. In this book we will study many of the important elements of this potential. Many of these elements are well known, like the potential for thinking, learning, emotional life, and so on, so we will not explore them in any detail. Many are explored by other researchers, as the potential for ego development, cognitive development, cultural and artistic development, and so on, so we will have little to say about them. We will focus on the basic properties of the soul, her essential potential, and her potential for knowing and connecting with Reality.

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