Excerpt About Limitations

The Effect of Physical Disability on the Soul’s Experience of Her Potential

For the soul to live in our world she needs an adequate body, for the body is her immediate environment, and she needs to feel held by it. When the body has limitations in its functioning, the soul is constrained in her ability to experience herself and in her range of functioning. In other words, the soul requires an adequate physical organism for her to fulfill the richness of her potential. The possible limitations of the body are myriad, and their influence in the soul happens in many ways. We discuss briefly only a few of these: The most obvious is the effect of gross physical limitations, as in the case of physical disability or chronic injury. The soul will simply not be able to experience some of her potential. However, this is not the most serious physical situation for the soul, for her potential is unlimited and she can, as frequently happens, develop alternate areas of potential. In fact, some individuals seem to use their physical infirmity to an advantage, by compensating in ways that make their lives even richer than the average physically able individual. Yet many individuals are greatly affected by their physical handicaps, and experience severe limitations in their development, due to the physical limitation itself and the emotions and attitudes about it.

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