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The Logos on the other hand, is the Presence of Being in a boundless manifestation that has a distinct dynamic quality to it. It is experienced as Being in flow, in movement. The flow and movement are not haphazard, but coincide with the changes we see as the occurrence of events in the totality of the whole universe. In other words, all changes are perceived from this dimension as the flow of substance and beingness of the Logos. The world is perceived, in some sense, as alive and living, as one infinite and boundless organism of consciousness. It is not merely the Presence of Being or consciousness; this dimension of Being is experienced as a living organism, boundless and infinite.
Pearl Beyond Price, p. 475   •  discuss »
The dimension of the Logos is integrative in nature, and can be experienced as the totality of all dimensions, except for the Absolute. Hence, it is often seen as the totality of existence, termed sometimes "creation."
Pearl Beyond Price, p. 477   •  discuss »
The Universal Mind in its dynamic form is what is called the Logos; it is the level of the changes and transformations within reality, according to the noetic forms of the Nous. The Logos has both life and death in it; it does not say that one is better than the other. One simply comes after the other; or more accurately, things just change and transform. Ocean becomes rain, and rain becomes ocean. The Logos does not say which one is better. It just does both.
Diamond Heart Book IV, p. 339   •  discuss »
The primary insight in the logos of the Diamond Approach is that our true nature is the truth. Second, that true nature is self-revealing; it automatically, spontaneously, and naturally has a tendency to reveal its truth. And it reveals this truth in all situations, and all times, in all ways, in everything we experience. Since our nature is self-revealing truth, then if we’re not seeing or being our true nature, it is because we are stuck in what we think we know. We believe that we understand when we don’t. We believe that we see the truth when we’re not seeing the truth. This not seeing the truth and believing we see it is the unconscious unclarity, the unconscious obscuration, the omnipresent dullness of the ego-personality.
Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 371   •  discuss »
In experiencing the dimension of the logos we experience a boundless presence transparent and full of being. We see all of manifestation both physical and spiritual, as manifest within it, constituted by it. We see all of manifestation as the details and specifics of the logos. These details and specifics form a universal and infinite pattern. It is one pattern, interconnected and indivisible. Discerning this pattern we recognize the universe of experience in its totality, for all objects of the universe are subpatterns within the overall pattern. At the same time, the pattern is in flow, in progress, its flow detailing the development and the evolution of the universe. The flow is an unfolding of the presence that not only generates the forms of the world but their changes and movements. In other words, the pattern is dynamic and evolving.
Inner Journey Home, p. 363   •  discuss »
The logos is the boundless dimension of true nature that is both presence and creative dynamism. Logos refers to the fact that true nature is inherently dynamic and creative. Logos is the creative matrix of all manifestation. Logos is the manifesting dimension, but it is also the manifestation, for it manifests everything from its own substance, its own presence. True nature in its absoluteness is totally transcendent … but it possesses a dimension of itself, one of its inherent potentialities, that makes it inherently dynamic and creative. One way of saying this is that true nature creates the universe through its logos, while in reality the logos is only a facet of true nature, and not something separate from it.
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The logos of the Diamond Approach includes the understanding that true nature is originally non-differentiated, which includes in an implicit and undifferentiated manner various perfections. These are qualities of its presence, its being, and its truth that become instrumental in manifest reality when they arise in a differentiated and explicit manner. In other words, these are qualities of manifest true nature, one of the primary ways it appears in manifestation. They appear in an explicit, differentiated, and even discriminated way; they are capable of being experienced individually and known for what they are. True nature is like white light, and the essential aspects are like the rainbow colors that are its prismatic differentiations.
Inner Journey Home, p. 577   •  discuss »
Since the logos is the harmonious flow of all phenomena, a flow that embodies an optimizing and loving intelligence, it is the source of wisdom regarding many of the phenomena that are of particular interest to human beings. Being the harmonious flow of interrelating phenomena, the logos contains the wisdom of the optimization. It can show us the truth and reality, and the possible optimizing direction, of such things as human relationships in their various forms, such as love relationships, marriages and divorces, friendships and work associations. It can reveal to us the wisdom regarding destiny, connection, union, even the various degrees of union with God. It can also reveal to us the wisdom of how to grow, develop, mature, evolve, and so on, and how to unfold knowledge and deepen heart. Because it is the harmonious order of all phenomena, it can guide us toward optimizing all concerns of human life, and of life in general.
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One of the laws of the universal logos is that whatever the soul focuses on and pays greater attention to tends to increase and expand. So the focus on and familiarity with a particular logos will unfold the individual’s experience to reveal more of the qualities of the particular logos. This is natural and necessary, and there is no way to avoid it. That is how reality functions.
Inner Journey Home, p. 581   •  discuss »

There is an interesting dynamic between the individual and the logos of the teaching that can happen as we sincerely engage this particular path. The qualities, dimensions, and vehicles of true nature that arise in our work carry different kinds of wisdom, understanding, and freedom. Our primary practice of inquiring into our immediate experience is ongoing. Inquiry continues in our life all the time. And our other practices—the meditations, the sensing, looking and listening practice, the periods of life practice, and so on all support our ongoing inquiry. These are practices in their own right, and they also are supports for the practice of inquiry. In other words, the inquiry practice that we engage in is embedded in the field of this teaching, both in the experiences we have of true nature and in the other practices of the path. This is important to understand because when we engage any particular practice, we engage the entire logos of that teaching. Because so many teachings are readily available these days, many of us borrow practices from different traditions and do them on our own outside the context of that tradition. But practices contain and express the logos of their teaching, so when they are done outside of that context, they lack the holding, support, and guidance of the larger field of the teaching. So although the practices might be useful in some ways, their impact will be limited. Many have criticized this contemporary phenomenon of sampling practices as being a trivialization and degradation of the original teaching. If we consider this in the context of the Diamond Approach, we can see that when we engage the primary practice of inquiry, at some point, the various aspects, vehicles, and dimensions of true nature tend to appear. If we are not working within the context of the teaching, they might not arise at all or might not arise in the same way. When we are engaged in the teaching, our consciousness is involved in the logos of this teaching—in its logic, in its view of reality, in its particular channel and flow of realization. Over the years, I’ve noticed that the more that any member of the school is involved in and aligned with the logos of this teaching, the more thoroughly the teaching unfolds within them. In other words, greater alignment with the logos of the Diamond Approach means that the dimensions and vehicles and aspects arise with their particular issues. But involvement with the teaching and alignment with the logos is not the only requirement. Personal capacity, personal development, and one’s life situations are also an important part of the process.

Runaway Realization, p. 128   •  discuss »

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