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Engaging the Logos of the Teaching

There is an interesting dynamic between the individual and the logos of the teaching that can happen as we sincerely engage this particular path. The qualities, dimensions, and vehicles of true nature that arise in our work carry different kinds of wisdom, understanding, and freedom. Our primary practice of inquiring into our immediate experience is ongoing. Inquiry continues in our life all the time. And our other practices—the meditations, the sensing, looking and listening practice, the periods of life practice, and so on all support our ongoing inquiry. These are practices in their own right, and they also are supports for the practice of inquiry. In other words, the inquiry practice that we engage in is embedded in the field of this teaching, both in the experiences we have of true nature and in the other practices of the path. This is important to understand because when we engage any particular practice, we engage the entire logos of that teaching. Because so many teachings are readily available these days, many of us borrow practices from different traditions and do them on our own outside the context of that tradition. But practices contain and express the logos of their teaching, so when they are done outside of that context, they lack the holding, support, and guidance of the larger field of the teaching. So although the practices might be useful in some ways, their impact will be limited. Many have criticized this contemporary phenomenon of sampling practices as being a trivialization and degradation of the original teaching. If we consider this in the context of the Diamond Approach, we can see that when we engage the primary practice of inquiry, at some point, the various aspects, vehicles, and dimensions of true nature tend to appear. If we are not working within the context of the teaching, they might not arise at all or might not arise in the same way. When we are engaged in the teaching, our consciousness is involved in the logos of this teaching—in its logic, in its view of reality, in its particular channel and flow of realization. Over the years, I’ve noticed that the more that any member of the school is involved in and aligned with the logos of this teaching, the more thoroughly the teaching unfolds within them. In other words, greater alignment with the logos of the Diamond Approach means that the dimensions and vehicles and aspects arise with their particular issues. But involvement with the teaching and alignment with the logos is not the only requirement. Personal capacity, personal development, and one’s life situations are also an important part of the process.

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