Excerpt About Love of Truth

Loving the Truth Instead of Seeking It

As you see, we need to investigate even our love of truth. We need to apply the love of truth to our love of truth and find out what it means to us. We need to find out what love is and what truth is. In the beginning you probably do not know what truth or love is. Who said love and truth are good? You need to find out for yourself. Truth is one of the elements of reality that, like a thread, goes all the way through all of the levels of reality because truth is what is actuality, what is present. If you really want to find out the truth, you can find out everything. So truth becomes the guide. Truth becomes a light that can guide you everywhere. I say loving the truth instead of seeking it, because if you are seeking truth you might seek to avoid feeling pain. You might seek truth for another purpose, which will then make you not see the truth. But if you really love truth, then you will automatically want to see all of it, not for any particular reason but because you like seeing the truth. So loving the truth is not exactly seeking the truth, even though it might include seeking the truth sometimes. Loving the truth is the attitude of the heart. The heart falls in love. It falls in love with the truth, with an aspect of reality. The heart falling in love with the truth is one of the most important realizations, the most important change, that can happen in a human being. The heart really turning toward the truth is the most far-reaching realization because if you really love the truth, you’ll realize everything.

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