Excerpt About Love of Truth

Love of Truth May be Hidden Behind Veils of Emotion, Instinct and Identification
One particular identification is especially challenged by the love of the truth: our identification with being small, deficient, inadequate, incapable, and not up to the task. This belief in our deficiency can prevent us from opening to the love of truth because this love will expand us in a way that we are afraid we won’t know how to handle. It seems much easier to stay with the status quo and its cozy familiarity. If we allow the love of truth to become powerful, we will be confronted with this identification with inadequacy. The love of truth is a subtle and refined quality in our consciousness. It tends to be hidden behind many veils of emotion, instinct and identification. It may not be easy for you to contact this deep movement of the heart. Yet without the experience of loving truth for its own sake, regardless of the consequences – without the willingness to completely open your heart to the fullness of your own truth – you will not have the energy or the motivation to go beyond your familiar reality.

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