Excerpt About Lover

With a Lover You Want to be Completely Gone
With a lover you are a drink, a delightful drink. With a lover you are a happy song. You want to be with a lover not to talk about anything, but to disappear. You don't want to communicate; no, you want to be completely gone. It is not a matter of dialogue; there is no dialogue. There is oneness. In the realm of the heart, there is no separation. That's why attachment and enmeshment are actually fake; they substitute for and imitate the real love situation. In the real love situation, all windows are opened -- there are no protections, no attempt at protection, there is no holding back. It is not a question of being fully present; you're so present that you're gone. You are just a sweetness. The windows and the doors are so opened that there is no you and other. There is just one; the one is sweetness, love and appreciation. There’s a playfulness; two hearts are singing in one voice.

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