Excerpt About Luminosity

In the Essential Realm Luminosity is Self-Existing

What do we mean by “it is finally the unification”? I mean that as it transforms in front of your eyes, it also transforms your personality more and more, so that you can accommodate it and allow it, transmuting from one essential quality to the next, the entire gamut of human unfoldment, until finally it manifests itself. It is all the qualities of fulfillment of mind, heart and will, and more. It is sometimes called the “Father,” in the sense that it is the overseer, the umbrella, or source of all aspects, the all-protector, the all knower. And it is no longer light or love or substance or space or existence— there is no analogy for it in physical reality. In physical reality we see differentiation only. We see qualities only in their differentiated form. We can see green representing compassion and aliveness. We can see red representing energy and strength. We can see clear space representing clarity. We can see yellow representing joy, and gold as truth. However, we can see further that each color, when it becomes very shiny, has luminosity; even black has luminosity. Space itself can have luminosity. Imagine that all these qualities shine even more, until there is only luminosity. The elixir of enlightenment is the luminosity itself. It is not the luminosity of something; the luminosity itself is the source of everything. Usually we think of luminosity or brilliance as a quality of something, as an intensity of a color or quality. You don’t usually perceive it as self-existing. But in the essential realm, it is self-existing, and is the source of all qualities as the innate synthesis of them all.

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