Excerpt About Luminosity

The Emptiness of Forms is Always Accompanied by Luminosity

With more discrimination in this experience of the emptiness of everything, we may observe that there is another characteristic that always accompanies the emptiness. In the experience of true nature in its nonduality with manifestation, we observe that forms are not only transparent and empty of substantial existence, but that they are also luminous. Emptiness never appears simply as the emptiness of forms; such experience is always accompanied by luminosity, although the luminosity may not be consciously or directly perceived except upon investigation. Upon further inquiry we can recognize that all forms appear as forms of transparent radiant light. Thus we see that it is not only emptiness that is apparently unchanging; so is luminosity. In some sense, emptiness reveals the transparency of things, disclosing that they are forms that clear light, or transparent luminosity, assumes. We find, then, that luminosity, clarity, or clear light is a permanent ground of all phenomena. At the same time we cannot separate the experience of this clarity from that of the emptiness of all things. Emptiness characterizes the ground of clear light, so we cannot say that clear light exists in the conventional sense. This observation may lead us to take the view that true nature is clear light inseparable from emptiness, or empty clear light.

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