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Living Being is the One Who Attains Realization

When I say that Living Being is practicing, I basically mean that Living Being is living its life and manifesting its possibilities, which is perceived as authentic living or the interest in realness and truth. And we have seen how the interest in realness and truth is already caused by the realization, caused by the arising of true nature. We can further see, by going beyond the notion of causality, that the interest in reality is not exactly caused by the arising of true nature but is itself the Living Being manifesting interest and practice. In other words, the one who attains realization is the Living Being. The self does not attain realization. The self is not the one that achieves enlightenment. The Living Being manifests the condition that we call enlightenment as it perfects its practice. When we are not engaging the enlightenment drive, it means we are practicing for all kinds of selfish external reasons and that is not yet true practice. Every time we truly practice, every time the practice is expressing the enlightenment drive, it is the Living Being practicing. That is true practice. And it is possible then to realize that when you are sitting to practice or are engaged in a movement practice, it is Being itself manifesting as practice. Beyond the individual self, this mystery of Being is perfecting its capacities and developing its maturity and manifesting its secrets as discoveries, revelations, and realizations.

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