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The Markabah is a structure of essence, composed of all aspects in the diamond form except that in this dimension each aspect appears not only clear, faceted, and precise but also as the very presence of pure pleasure. Each diamond feels and tastes like wonderful piece of candy, with an affect deeply and pleasurably satisfying, a state of consciousness that fills the soul with a pleasurable bliss that penetrates and suffuses all of her field, filling all the cells of the body with a glowing and fulfilling sensation.
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This is the diamond body of pleasure, bliss, delight, and celebration, which arises as the soul’s love of truth deepens and becomes a true turning away from the habitual egoic orientation and toward authentic loyalty and allegiance to the truth. The turn of the soul’s heart is not a turn away from pleasure; it is simply the shift of allegiance from the pleasure of gratification and its sources, to the inner truth of the soul and Reality.
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The Markabah thus discloses to the soul the truth about pleasure, happiness, and enjoyment. It is not only the presence of essence as pleasure but a faceted and precise presence, indicating wisdom inseparable from pleasure. The soul learns firsthand, through direct and immediate taste and touch, the eternal truths about happiness and bliss. She comes to understand that bliss is the inherent nature of essence, and happiness is what the soul feels when she is intimate with her true nature. These truths are not new; they are in fact ancient, but have usually been cast in terms of moralistic teachings, involving reward or punishment, asceticism and renunciation. We find here the objective, exact truth of what pleasure is, how to attain it, and what obscures it.

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