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This higher ground of understanding that unifies the psychological and the spiritual is a facet of a larger integration, one that also integrates it to the scientific method and its view of the world, a world that is in turn connected to our spiritual understanding. This unification addresses the common modern perspective in which the soul or self is seen as separate from the world or the cosmos, and separate also from God or Being. More precisely, our new metapsychology is embedded within, and is an expression of, a metaphysics that brings to a new level of unity thought and research in relation to the three facets of reality, soul/self, world/cosmos, and God/Being. In this metaphysics, spirituality and science are seen as two facets of the same thing, which involves recognizing a ground where the spiritual and the physical, in addition to the psychological, are seen to be meaningfully related.
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Annihilate mind in heart Divorce heart from all relationships, And then love, Love passionately, Consume yourself with passion for the secret one. When you are absolutely poor, When you are no more, Then the Guest will appear And occupy his place, In the secret chamber, His abode, The heart he gave you. He is the Inner of the Inner, He is the Secret, He is the Guest, And he arrives Only at night.
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The work we do in this school, what is called the Diamond Approach, is not metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, religion, or science. Although it's none of those things, the Diamond Approach is not disconnected from any one of them. This work is a certain kind of science; it includes a definite body of knowledge and employs a specific methodology. If we could give this science any name, it would be the science of what a human being can be. And the actualization of what a human being can be is useful to any of those other fields, whether science, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, medicine, or healing. The science of what a human being can be applies a certain kind of knowledge that I call the Diamond Knowledge. By knowledge I don't simply mean information. Although it includes information, knowledge is primarily the direct experience of the content of reality and the methods necessary to actualize that truth.
Diamond Heart Book V, p. 331   •  discuss »

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