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Mind of the Heart and the Heart of the Mind
The nature of the mind is emptiness, and the subtle consciousness that perceives that emptiness is the heart of the mind. But this relationship of the heart to the mind is even more complex. There is also the mind of the heart, the consciousness of the heart, the knowingness of the heart, the curiosity of the heart, and the sensitivity of the heart. The heart is seen as the sensitive organ, the knowing organ. It is conscious and perceptive. The heart is sometimes called the mind because the heart is the source of the heart of the mind. In this way, one could also say the mind is the mind of the heart. But their unity goes even further than the mind of the heart or the heart of the mind. They are the same. At the level of understanding the mind as a subtle consciousness, as an aspect of Essence, there is no heart and no mind, there is only one thing. It is experienced as one consciousness with no separation of the centers.

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