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The Mind Perpetuates Ghosts
To throw away your mind means to throw away what you think you are, what you think the world is, and what you think is there, what is not there, what is good, what is not good – to throw it away, all of it. Otherwise, what you will perceive, and what you will be experiencing, is nothing but parts of your mind, a continuation of the past coming from your own memory. When I say the world is old, or what we see is old, I do not mean old in the sense that it has grown in time. I mean old in the sense that it has stopped growing. It is dead in its old form, the way you constructed it years and years ago. The mind perpetuates ghosts, dead things; there is no life in them. They are not light – they’re heavy, dark, dank, old, and musty. They are stale. In that dark, old, dank world, you suffer. The suffering is felt mostly because we still believe that old, dark, dead world to be reality, and we live as if it is reality, wanting one part of it, not wanting another part of it, putting part of it against another part of it. You are putting this dead body against another dead body, not liking this dead thing, liking the other dead thing. When you want something because you have experienced it in the past, what you are wanting is a corpse. It is already dead.

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