Excerpt About Motivation

Being Motivated by Selfless Love

Our Being loves to rend the veils obscuring it because it loves to find out as much as possible about its truth. Our soul loves to travel into inner space, from one dimension to another. The journey is filled with thrill and excitement, with a celebrative and appreciative quality. When we are motivated by this selfless love, we want to call upon all our possibilities, all our capacities; we want to establish all the support we can for the journey, without caring about how difficult it is or about what is going to happen. We need to find that love because otherwise the only reason and motivation for inquiry is a particular goal or aim, or to confirm an established position. Then we would ultimately be trying to assert a particular identity we’ve defined ourselves by, and that motivation will not take us anywhere new. Inquiry will not be possible because it is not open ended, and it will become locked into known territory.

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