Excerpt About Mountain Metaphor

The State of “No Mountain” is Not Complete without the World

It is the nature of spiritual experience and realization that we feel we are disengaging from the world. The deeper we go into the spiritual ground, the more we feel we are losing things in the world. And we assume that we have to let go of our attachments. We think we need to release our attachment to our bodies, to other people’s bodies. We have to let go of our attachments to our cars, our homes, our mobile phones—all the things we love and enjoy. We feel that we have to give up many things we love, and many spiritual traditions support that: “Yes, you have to surrender these things; they should not be that important to you. The spiritual, God, buddha nature—these are what bring true freedom, true happiness.” Many people who manage to experience the vastness, the depth, the infinity, the eternity of our nature and its miraculousness and mystery, can feel at some point that the world and everything in it is not important. You might have experiences that the world is all gone—this is the stage of no mountain. However—and frequently—the first love reasserts itself because the spiritual dimension does not seem complete on its own. The spiritual, whether we think of it as God or not, is not complete without the world.

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