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The Third State: Return of the Same Mountain

Spirituality, at least in the Diamond Approach, means recognizing the true condition of reality and understanding through experience that it is much more mysterious than we think. The true condition of reality is that the physical and the spiritual are the same thing, yet this does not mean they are identical. The mountain comes back again. It is the same mountain; nothing changes in it, yet it has become God’s appearance. Look at the mountain—you don’t see the burning bush, you just see God. That mountain is God . . . but it is also the mountain. Which one do you love? You don’t have to decide, because they are the same. You will experience conflict or disharmony between the two if you divide God and the mountain into two separate things. To want only one is to want an impossibility, because one doesn’t exist without the other. If you only want the world, that is not possible. If you only want spirit, that is not possible. You can’t help but want both because the two are the same thing—a unity that we can experience in various ways, depending on our level of spiritual realization. Thus, when you separate that which is the same, you experience conflict, because deep inside of you is unity, and what you have divided into two is actually the same thing. You are the spirit. Who else do you think is looking at me? If you are not the spirit, you will not hear, you will not see, you will have no sensitivity.

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