Excerpt About Mountain Metaphor

Recognizing the Divine Coming Through all Forms

If you really love, you see the whole picture. If you truly love somebody, you see that he or she is not different from the divine. So when you love this person, you love the divine—if the love is complete. And if you love the divine, you don’t love only one person; you love everything and everybody, because the divine comes through everything and everybody. So, as we begin to recognize the divine coming through all forms, all bodies, and all manifestations, our perception changes. It is the same mountain and, at the same time, it is transparent. It is as though you could see through the rocks, through the trees. It is not that you see objects behind other objects because things are physically transparent; that is not what I mean. You are able to see through everything, to the center of the universe, to the essence of it. You look at the mountain and into the mountain, and it opens into inner space and pure light, but it is still the mountain.

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