Excerpt About Mystical Poverty

Being Poor and Being Pure
To be poor is to lose self completely. To be pure is to see nothing but God. There is no such thing as the devil and God. There are some religions which are based on the division between the world of the light and the world of the darkness. These two Gods of the light and the dark are always fighting. People generally chose one or the other. If you chose the darkness, the soldiers of darkness will come and aid you against the soldiers of light, and vice versa, in an eternal and perpetual battle. But that level of perception has not arrived at the monotheistic view yet, where God is one, absolute, and eternal. God is simply what is, what has been, and what will be. God is all that can be experienced, all that can exist, all that can be conceived, in its original purity and pristineness, free from the veils of the ego-self. God is the one reality.

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