Excerpt About Needs

The Need for Our Life to Embody all the Dimensions of Our Understanding

It is a natural law that the more you experience, the more understanding you have, and the more you need to live your life accordingly. At some point, you will have insights, understanding, and experiences on many dimensions, on many levels. Your way of living needs to take into consideration all these levels and dimensions, in terms of what you do in your life and how you do it. The way you live your life needs to embody all these dimensions. If you know there is a subtle dimension, an essential dimension, and a supreme dimension and so on, you can no longer live just according to the mental dimension; that would be crazy. You are not taking reality into consideration. The moment you know these things, they will have to affect your action. If that does not happen spontaneously, you have to ask yourself: “Why not?”, and try to find out how to do it. You know there is truth. You know what love is. You know what independence is. But you continue to relate to your love partner as if these things were not true. What are you doing when you do that? You are not living according to the truth that you already know, and thus you are increasing your imbalance.

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