Excerpt About Needs

Our Motivation to Practice Needs to Come from a Place Beyond the Individual Self

As our engagement with the path matures and develops, we realize that practice is a way of life, a way of being. This kind of orientation, this kind of commitment, requires a motive that is independent of external things, a motive that arises from the enlightenment drive, from the action of true nature manifesting through us as a dynamic force to reveal itself. So we recognize at some point that our motivation needs to be grounded in and originate from this place beyond the individual soul, beyond the individual self. That makes our motivation true. True motivation expresses itself in the interest, the love, the compassion, the service, the devotion, the respect, and the appreciation that we feel for the truth of reality. We have seen that the enlightenment drive can manifest through all three centers and, specifically, as continual practice in its expression through the belly center. The liberation of the enlightenment drive is not simply a matter of experiencing it. It’s a matter of the enlightenment drive doing its thing, which manifests in us as truly engaging the path, as the unfoldment of experience, and as practicing with the right attitude, whatever form that practice takes

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