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Seeing Nonconceptual Reality Does Not Eliminate the Usual World that We Perceive
Nonconceptual reality is not the absence of the physical world; it is the perception that the physical dimension does not exist independently, that it is part of a larger reality just as the surface of the body is part of the whole of the body. If you see the skin as one layer of the whole, the rest of the body, the depth of it can be perceived at the same time. It is the same with physical reality – physical reality as a whole is the surface. Seeing the dimension deeper than physical reality allows the porousness, the permeability of the concepts. Seeing nonconceptual reality, what is, does not eliminate the usual world that we perceive. It is as it is, except that it appears more porous. Things are not as discrete from each other as they usually appear to be. We see that they are made out of the same thing -–the space, the earth, the table, the rug, me, you. We’re all made out of the same thing. It’s a homogeneous existence. This homogeneous existence is nonconceptual in the sense that there is nothing you can say about it. When you say something about it, you tend to close it off. The less you say about nonconceptual reality, the more it will open up and appear as it actually is

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