Excerpt About Nothingness

Nothingness as the Deepest Nature of Reality
Nothing exists without that nothingness. Anything that exists needs some sort of space in which to exist. So, not only is it the ground of all experience, it is the ground of everything. It is seen as the basic nature of reality, as the deepest nature of reality. When everything quiets down, ultimately there is nothing. It is not that someone is looking, and can't find anything; in that process of looking, you start looking for yourself, and you don't find it. And finally, there is nothing. This doesn't mean that the physical body doesn't exist. There is simply no entity there producing, proceeding, or organizing these impressions, beyond the impressions themselves. There are simply the impressions that come and go; they come from nowhere and go nowhere. And then all impressions can cease, revealing complete emptiness. This is taken to be the most basic nature of reality, the ground of all existence. We call it space here because this experience is more like space.

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