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Essential Nourishment, an Aspect of Being

The third aspect is Nourishment. This aspect of Being is equivalent to mother’s milk on the physical level. Its issues are those of the oral stage; of nursing and weaning, of oral gratification and frustration. Its relationship to the Personal Essence is equivalent to the relationship of mother’s milk to the infant—it is the essential nourishment needed for the realization and development of the Personal Essence. It is the material needed for building the substance of the Personal Essence. That is why the longing for this aspect usually starts right after experiencing the Personal Essence.
It is no wonder, then, that it is associated with the mother’s image and with the symbiotic connection with her. The specific identification system that must be metabolized to realize this aspect is mother’s breast, which is probably the first image of the object. Jacobson writes about this primitive part object image: It is the combined oral-visual experience of the breast—or primal cavity, respectively (Spitz, 1955)—that not only equates the mother with the breast but turns the latter into the first image of the gratifying mother. [Edith Jacobson, The Self and the Object World, p. 35]. Thus to permanently realize this aspect one must deal with the deepest structures of the internalized mother’s image. This is a very deep and subtle process, which ultimately exposes the deepest object relations, such as the sense of being a hungry mouth relating to the world as a breast. The deficiency relating to the loss of this aspect always feels like a big hunger, or an empty stomach.

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