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Allowing the Nous to Function

Thus, the more we experience the realm of Essence and integrate it, the more the personal mind is corrected through being influenced by the perceptions of the Nous, objective knowledge about how reality is and how it actually functions. This process is what I call the clarification and
development of the soul. The soul is then governed not by the personal mind, but according to the Nous. We begin to live our lives according to the truth of Essence and the truth we experience in the Work, not according to what we learned from our conditioned existence. The more we see the Nous and allow it to function, or allow ourselves to see that it operates, the more we experience a sense of harmony, beauty, love, and all the essential qualities. We then experience an expansive sense of release, a lack of constriction. Constriction comes from trying to oppose the Nous, from believing that we are separate and independent from it, and from operating according to beliefs that have nothing to do with what actually exists. Consider the idea that life is better than death. Who says that? Not the Nous, or the Logos. The Universal Mind in its dynamic form is what is called the Logos; it is the level of the changes and transformations within reality, according to the noetic forms of the Nous. The Logos has both life and death in it; it does not say that one is better than the other. One simply comes afterthe other, or more accurately, things just change and transform. Ocean becomes rain, and rain becomes ocean. The Logos does not say which one is better. It just does both.

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