Excerpt About Objectification

We Cannot Try to Avoid Objectification

In other words, we cannot try to avoid objectification, delusion, or reification. The mind cannot try to be careful; the heart cannot try to be protected; the individual consciousness cannot try to get somewhere. All of these are based on the illusion that is already exposed in the boundlessness of true nature. We see from the nondual perspective that there is no separate self that has its own will or that can do anything on its own. Seeing everything as the same reality, the same truth, the same light, helps us understand how the illumination of these obstacles can happen. I’ve never tried to avoid reification, objectification, or delusion, because I never thought I could. It has always been clear to me that it is not possible. And I have never been afraid of these things, because I recognize that the true protector of practice is the philosophers’ stone. True nature protects itself through its liberating combustion, through its quality of red sulfur. By protecting itself from these dangers, it protects us because the philosophers’ stone is what we are.

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