Excerpt About Objective Perception

There's No Objective Perception or Experience of Anything

Look at a mountain. It goes up, there’s snow on the top. Do you ever just look at a mountain? Or do you look at it through the lens of this self perspective? Do you just look at the mountain, or are you feeling this or that about it? Are you thinking it reminds you of this, it’s associated with that? Maybe you want to go skiing or mountain climbing. Maybe it makes you feel small or big. You see the mountain only as it relates to you, not the mountain as a mountain on its own. So you never really see a mountain. Never! What you see is yourself reflected in the mountain. What you see is your own island with a mirror outside. The same thing happens with every object and person you encounter. This is how you function, how you have always functioned, how you feel you’re always going to function, how everyone else functions. What does this mean? The first implication is that you don’t see things or people for themselves. You don’t see them objectively. There’s no objective perception or experience of anything. You don’t really see a mountain. You don’t really know a person. To really know people means to look at them without any point of view of your own. You cannot then look at them from your perspective of your ideas, your standards, your lens.

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