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Experiencing Pure Presence from the Vantage Point of Manifest Forms

The other kind of experience, that of oneness, is experiencing pure presence from the vantage point of the manifest forms. We experience ourselves as the oneness of all these forms, that all the forms constitute one Reality, whose nature is pure presence. We are aware of pure presence as the constituting ground of everything, but we are not in the midst of the expanse of true nature, but in the midst of the surface of manifestation. In unity, the forms are still visible, but barely, appearing as distant surface phenomena. True nature almost completely outshines the manifest forms. In oneness, true nature and the manifest forms are both strongly present, as two sides of the same Reality. Both unity and oneness are nondual conditions. In oneness we understand that the forms are basically the outer structuring of true nature. Pure presence sculpts its own medium into the myriad forms. We see here a different sense of the term differentiation than the one we have used. We have used the term differentiation to mean something similar to the prismatic separation of the colors of the rainbow, out of white light. But now we mean that there is an expanse, a field that becomes structured by the appearance within it of outlines and patterns. These patterns are due to the appearance of non-partitioning boundaries that outline the forms. The non-separating boundaries distinguish the forms from each other without dissociating them from their ground of pure presence. In other words, in the state of oneness of Being, Reality appears as the expanse of true nature structured into a multidimensional riemannian manifold. The structuring happens through the appearance in the clear expanse of the shapes and colors
of the forms, outlines that span the various dimensions of the manifold. The expanse, which is a homogeneous medium, becomes differentiated into the myriad forms: the sky and the stars, the birds and the trees, the mountains and the rivers, the thoughts and the feelings, and so on. Oneness is basically a differentiated unity, a unity in multiplicity.

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