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The Open Dimension of Being

We find out, as we penetrate our representations of reality, that space is a facet of Being. It is the openness of Being, or the open dimension of Being. We also discover that space is not only a manifestation of our being, of our true nature, but that it also deals directly with the question of representations. So space is the facet of our true nature that specifically and directly deals with the barrier of representations. The work on becoming aware of representations, seeing through and being free from them, has to do with the understanding of space. The discussion in this book is primarily about self-image and its relation to space. Self-image is the representation of the self, but the realization of space is involved with the question of representation in general, not only the self-image. In dealing with any representation of anything, the question of space becomes important. More precisely, as we explore our experience from the perspective of how our representations determine that experience, Being manifests itself as space. Then we can experience the openness of our being as a boundless and infinite spaciousness, an empty and immaculate space coemergent with the awareness of it. This experience of space then allows our being to manifest its essential qualities, the multicolored richness of its authentic and ontological presence. These are the spiritual qualities that are the source of our humanness, like love, compassion, peace, will, strength, truth, value and so on. In the course of this opening process, our experience becomes marked by the arising of these pure qualities, one of which is space.

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