Excerpt About Openness

You are Basically an Openness and a Sensitivity Which Has No Point of View

It is possible to see that everything that happens is a creativity, is the process of life itself moving, changing, transforming. Suffering occurs from taking a position; a position is rigid and goes against life’s movement and change. It is possible to be an emptiness where you can experience someone completely because you become them completely. There is no position which gets in the way of the experience. When you have no point of view, you can look at a flower and know the flower completely, without reaction or judgment. This perspective where there is complete openness to things, without the rigidity of a point of view, is reality. This is the absence of rejection, judgment, suffering and restriction. This openness allows essence in all its manifestations. It is possible to see that the reason you’re suffering is that you’re always filling your self with the activities of the positions you take. When this is happening you cannot experience things freshly, directly, purely. You even experience your body as heavy and sluggish. If you allow emptiness, your body can become light, rather than a hindrance or a boundary for your experience. Your body is your orientation in the physical universe but your experience does not have to be limited by its shape or contour. You are basically an openness and a sensitivity which has no point of view, which is not restricted by any boundary of any kind—emotional, essential, physical or mental. When you allow yourself to be that openness and freedom, you will experience yourself as giving, as a flow of love.

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