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The Process of Living Being Developing Us as Its Various Organs of Perception

The process of Living Being developing us as its various organs of perception has many stages, including the ego stages, the stages of delusion. So saying that delusion is a manifestation of Living Being recognizes this process of Living Being developing its organs. And one of the ways that we as the organs of perception develop is through the process of seeing through our delusions. Many traditions say that enlightenment is the experience of and the transition to recognizing ourselves as this totality and wholeness, rather than as a separate individual. But the view of totality, although it recognizes the truth of that perspective, also sees the truth of the suffering individual identified with the ego self. And the process of illumination becomes an interplay between ignorance, delusion, and sleep on the one side, and enlightenment, realization, and awakening on the other side. Between the two sides there is a dialectic that allows Living Being to recognize its nature more deeply and completely and to manifest more of its possibilities. We have already explored the delusions of motive, goal, causality, and a centered self. We can consider them delusions and, at the same time, we can see that they are different ways that Living Being experiences itself. In other words, we can see them as approximations of its true nature, of its enlightened condition. From the perspective of the purity at the heart of Living Being,
everything is perfect and always has been. However, Living Being can only look and see and experience through an individual soul, which is always in various stages and degrees of maturation. It is as if the body were mature but the eyes were still developing and cannot yet see the body clearly. The more the eyes develop and become complete, the more they see the body clearly.

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