Excerpt About Pain

The Relationship Between Truth, Pain and Compassion

There’s another interesting relationship between truth, pain, and compassion. Most of you who have learned to experience compassion have seen that it usually opens when you allow yourself to experience pain, and that pain usually comes by seeing the truth about yourself or your situation. When you see the truth, you feel hurt, and when you allow yourself to feel the hurt, compassion comes. If you don’t allow yourself to feel hurt, you can’t feel compassion. That’s how our organism functions. So there is a reciprocal relationship between truth and compassion, and there is a connection between these things and suffering. The suffering is not the point; suffering is something in between that we go through. From the perspective of Essence, it is irrelevant. The important part is truth—the truth about who we are—no matter how much hurt, suffering, and fear it takes to get there. Sometimes the pain is there so that the person will learn the truth.

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