Excerpt About Pain

The Real Cause of Suffering and Pain

But the real cause of most of your suffering and pain and misery is ignorance. You don’t know the nature of emotions and inner forces or how your mind operates; you act out of a lack of knowledge. Now you say, “Good, let me have that knowledge and that understanding!” But you see the knowledge as a means to an end, and you believe the end is to feel good, to get what you want. This attitude, regardless of how much self-understanding you have, regardless of how committed you are to working on yourself, will only increase your suffering, because it is a result of ignorance about your true nature. It is true that implicit understanding will release a person from suffering, but this is a side effect. It is not the main focus of our inquiry. As long as your perspective is to seek to feel good and not bad, to feel pleasure and not pain, you will reinforce your pain. Now everyone is wondering, “Well, what are we going to do then?” But even this question is coming from the perspective of wanting to feel good. Who is asking the question? The one who is suffering and doesn’t want to be miserable any more! So you’re trapped. You can’t do anything, you can’t say anything, you can’t think anything without reinforcing the basic perspective of wanting to be happy, wanting pleasure and not wanting pain. It’s quite a dilemma: by desiring happiness you tend to create suffering.

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