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The Importance of Particulars

In this book, we are studying true nature in an in-depth way. what is true nature and how does it live? We need to explore these questions experientially, directly, and immediately by looking at the trajectory and development of all our spiritual experiences and awakenings and also at our particular experience in the moment. Our understanding needs to be informed by everything we have known as well as what is unfolding now. One of the things that we learn in the fourth turning of the teaching wheel is the importance of particulars. Any particular form, any particular event, any particular experience is completely itself and also a complete expression of reality. The same holds true for true nature: Regardless of how formless or indefinable it is, it is particular among particulars. That is to say, it is different from the other particulars that we experience, and it is important to recognize this difference True nature is a particular, and it is a particular that is different from all other particulars. One major way it is different is that it is a particular that is an absolutely pervasive particular. Being absolutely pervasive means that true nature pervades all particulars absolutely, consuming them completely—without exception and without leaving anything behind. True nature does not leave any place or any thing outside of itself.

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