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The Self-Representation Sculpts the Forms that Arise as the Phenomenological Particulars of the Self’s Experience of itself

In fact, the self-representation is even more intimately linked to the self ’s experience of itself than the metaphor of the lens and the eye suggests. The experience of the self is actually determined by the self-representation. The phenomenology of the self ’s experience presents itself through this representation, and hence, what the self perceives and experiences as itself, in its present experience, is greatly determined by it. The self-representation actually sculpts the forms that arise as the phenomenological particulars of the self’s experience of itself. This patterning of the malleable substance of the soul is so inherent in the self’s experience that there is no awareness of the distinction between substance and its forms. Under normal circumstances, the self cannot conceive of itself without the particular form it finds itself in. In our opinion, this integration of the self-concept with the self in experience is what the various authors refer to when they speak of the “firm cathexis” of the self-representation.

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