Excerpt About Particulars

Total Being Can Experience Itself as Not Concerned and Not Affected by Any Particular Feature of Experience

And even though these categories don’t apply and are not necessary, it doesn’t mean that the experiences of self and no self are completely gone. With total openness, sometimes it seems as if there were no self, and at other times it seems as if there is a self. So there is a fluidity and openness to experience that reveals that these are different ways that Total Being manifests itself. We see that we can experience Total Being in one way or another and also that Total Being can experience itself as not concerned and not affected by any particular feature of experience. Because of its total nonconceptuality, this openness has no problem with concepts. It can hold both the conceptual and the nonconceptual in its awareness, in its consciousness, and recognize them as valid ways of experiencing reality even though they happen to be opposites. As we experience Total Being in this way, we see that its essence and core are completely featureless because it is not characterized by any particular concept or by any particular knowingness. We cannot point to anything about it and say, “This is pure love; that is pure presence; over there are clarity and emptiness.” None of that computes. When I say that it doesn’t compute, I mean that those particulars can be present, but they don’t pattern our sense of being what we are, they don’t define what we are in any way. The concepts can exist and experience can manifest in any dimension, but there is an unyielding sense of realization that is not impacted by any of that.

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