Excerpt About Passion

The Passion of the Heart for Its True Master

This love affair will be final. The Guest is the slayer of the mind. The Guest is the bedazzler, the incinerator. Its slaying and its incineration does not happen through melting you in sweet love. It doesn’t go that way. The Guest is not gentle. When the Guest arrives, it doesn’t make you feel nice and wonderful and loving and cozy. That might be your experience of previous lovers. This Beloved has something else up its sleeve. Just feeling its closeness, you begin feeling your mind, your heart, and your body all burning up. And if you stay with it a few seconds, and do not run away out of fear, you’ll be completely annihilated, totally dissolved. The process of being annihilated by the Guest is hot, the most intense passion, a passion that burns, a passion that eats up, a passion that consumes, a passion that kills, a passion more powerful than thermonuclear reaction. We find out that the passion of the heart for its true master and the annihilating intensity of the nearness of the master are one thing. It is not two approaching one another but one recognizing its singlehood. By the act of passionately loving, you are being passionately consumed. By the act of intensely longing, you are being intensely annihilated. This passion does not take you anywhere; this passion erases you. This passion is nothing but the heart’s limited experience of the annihilating power of the Beloved. Only when the heart is completely burnt, completely incinerated, completely annihilated, completely gone, will the Guest arrive.

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