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The Totality of Experience Has a Pattern and the Pattern Has a Meaning

This specific function has a lot to do with the fact that the Essential Identity is both essential identity and, phenomenologically, a point. Its existence as identity and as a point of presence are two facets of the same phenomenon, and this two-faceted nature affects our experience in a particular way. The more we have realized the Essential Identity, the easier it is for us to get straight to the point, which is the heart of the matter, which is the meaning of what’s going on. It’s true that all kinds of things are going on at every moment, but our experience is not haphazard or chaotic. No, the totality of experience has a pattern, and the pattern has a meaning. It has a point. It has a meaning that has something to do with who and what we are, with our relationship to our life, to our true nature and our evolution, and to where we are in the stream of life. All of this together makes one unified whole. When we get the insight into what that pattern of meaning is, we feel, “Aha, I got the point.” If we have difficulty experiencing our true self, it will be very difficult to get the point. So being able to experience the essential Point makes it easier for us to get to the point of any situation or experience.

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