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Patterns Are Being Generated
From this perspective, there is no difference between one person and another because their source is identical. Neither is there really a difference between ego and enlightenment; neither has anything to do with you. If you are ego, then ego is what's being generated. If you are enlightened, then enlightenment is what's being generated. If you are ignorant, then ignorance is what's being generated. We get scared sometimes when we think of things this way, when someone points out this deep truth. This truth confronts your deepest convictions about yourself, about your life, and about reality. But that fear itself is simply the flow of the pattern at that moment. There's no escape, you see. Whether you surrender or you revolt, you have nothing to do with it. You are being produced at every moment. Your resistance is being produced, and your surrender is being produced. Your knowledge is being produced, and your ignorance is being produced.

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