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Seeking, We Move Away from the Source of Pleasure and Peace

Peace is the absence of suffering. One reason for suffering is that most people are not looking for peace; they are looking for pleasure. Peace is not a top priority for most people; pleasure usually comes first. Therefore, people seek pleasure. There is nothing wrong with wanting pleasure, nor with pleasure itself. But what leads to the absence of peace is seeking pleasure, for the simple reason that seeking pleasure assumes that pleasure is somewhere else, some other time, in a different situation, and not here and now. That is the basic premise of seeking, not only pleasure, but seeking anything, including peace. When we seek, we are moving away from the pleasure or peace and from the source of pleasure and peace. So when I say to not do absolutely anything, I mean not to seek—not to seek for pleasure, or peace, or security, or love, or anything at all—because implicit in the activity of seeking is that there is something to do, or to arrive at. Seeking assumes that there is something to be found, someplace to be reached, some goal to be arrived at. It is amazing to see multitudes of people—almost everyone—searching for something that would be there if they merely stopped the search, and which cannot be there until they stop searching. People tend to believe that first they must find what they seek and then they will stop. The truth is that the finding can happen only when the search stops. This is the absurdity of most of our activities and preoccupations—we are seeking something and by this very act of seeking, we get farther away from that which we seek. This observation reflects a perspective most people do not share. From the conventional perspective, it sounds absurd. Even people who know this from their own experience do not remain convinced enough to actually change their behavior of seeking. They still don’t believe that the pleasure, the peace, the love, the fulfillment, is right here, now.

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