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Need for Space in the Pelvic Region

However, the orgastic potency advocated by Reich is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the development of a completely genitally free character. It is not enough that the biological energy flows into the genitals. Essence must be present in the pelvis, essence must be allowed to flow in the genitals, for the genitals to be truly integrated and full. And for this to happen, space must be allowed in the pelvic region. Otherwise the genital hole will continue to be defended against and feared. The genitals are not completely owned then, and sexuality is not fully experienced. Reich understood that orgasm anxiety, pleasure anxiety, and castration anxiety must all be confronted and resolved for orgastic potency to be freed. However, we ask: How can there be full freedom without confronting the genital hole, without space and essence? The fact is that pleasure anxiety and castration anxiety cannot be completely resolved unless the genital hole is confronted and the essence freed. A truly sexually free individual is an essential individual, one who fully experiences his own being. There can be no true or full sexuality on the personality level.

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