Excerpt About Personal Essence

The Personal Essence is Experienced as One's Nature but also as a Person

All aspects of Essence, both differentiated and nondifferentiated states of Being, are generally experienced as one’s true nature; this is because they are all recognized as the intrinsic existence and presence of one’s Being. The Personal Essence is experienced as such, as one’s own nature and Being, but it is also experienced as a person. One experiences oneself as a Human Being. The sense or perception of being a person, here, is not a feeling about oneself, nor a thought or idea about oneself. It is not an inference from looking at one’s body or one’s behavior. It is not a reference from past perceptions, taken as a continuity in time. It is not an image in the mind. It is not a conclusion, mental or emotional, that results from an image in one’s mind. It is not a feeling, thought or concept about oneself that results from memory or from interaction with the environment. The experience of the Personal Essence is independent from memories. This is because the Personal Essence, with its sense of being a person, is neither an image nor a feeling dependent on an image. It is independent from the mind and its structures, and hence it is independent from the memories of one’s personal history. It is direct perceptual recognition of a state of Being, in the here and now. It is direct and immediate knowing of one’s true personhood, that is inseparable from being the person. This kind of knowing is characteristic of Being in general. The usual kind of knowing is through inference. The knowing of Being is by identity. One knows oneself because one is oneself. It is knowing by being what is known. So it is an immediate, direct, and existential knowing, in which there is no duality of subject and object.

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