Excerpt About Personal Essence

Primary Characteristics of the Personal Essence

The Personal Essence has four primary characteristics: autonomy, beingness, personalness and contact. Investigating these characteristics will allow us to contrast the Personal Essence with the personality of the ego and also with the impersonal essence or Being. In the process of essential development, exploring these four characteristics can precipitate the experience of personal Being. As our case histories will show (and as is discussed at length in our book The Void), these characteristics usually announce themselves to one’s consciousness through an acute feeling of their absence or lack in one’s sense of self or in one’s personal life. By following the thread of the quality that one feels is missing, given the right circumstances and the right guidance, one comes to experience the missing element, and then to recognize it as a characteristic of one’s sense of Being. Encountering this experience of personal Being, we have a precious, peaceful sense of self-recognition, sometimes of “coming home.” However, the experience is not generally permanent, and students usually must repeatedly experience this sense of Being, each time exploring a different characteristic, until the sense of Being is a permanent attainment.

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