Excerpt About Personal Essence

The Capacity for Personal Contact

The personal element is most palpably discerned in human contact. The ability to make contact with another person is the hallmark of the Personal Essence. Only the Personal Essence has the capacity to make such contact; in fact it is the capacity for personal contact. Neither the ego with its intrapsychic structures, nor the nonconceptual state of Being with its impersonality, has this capacity, a distinguishing characteristic of being human. The ego cannot truly make contact, because of these characteristics which we have noted:
1. It is based on identity with self-image or images......
2. Interactions of the ego are basically the reenactments of past object relations....
3. The other person is seen either as an image, one pole of a past object relation, or through a structure of images.... 
4. The individuality of ego has a sense of separateness that is based on the building of self-boundaries.

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