Excerpt About Personal Essence

The Prototype for Integration
By contrast, the Personal Essence is the prototype for integration. It provides the soul with the capacity to integrate into a unified whole various elements of its reality. It brings the capacity for integration to whatever sphere of functioning we are considering—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and so on. This is because the Personal Essence is the integration of all essential aspects. Similarly, Brilliancy gives the capacity for synthesis because it is the synthesis of all essential aspects. It is the underlying unity. Brilliancy is in some sense the source of all aspects and qualities. It is the presence of the aspects before differentiation. Its synthesis is primal and not created, spontaneously existing as the complete synthesis and unity of all aspects and qualities of Being. It is similar to white light, in the sense that all the aspects are like the differentiated colors that we see when we pass white light through a prism.

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