Excerpt About Personal Essence

Your Unique Work in This Life
So the Personal Essence is connected with your unique function, your unique work in this life. To actualize your particular unique work in this life means to be your Personal Essence. It is the Essence of all that you have developed and integrated in your soul as you live a real life. Everyone is born with the true self, with the point. Although we feel that the point is unique in each of us, the quality of the point is universal. Then how do people become so different in their personal lives? This is due to the particular development of their Personal Essence. Your unique contribution, your unique personal actualization of yourself, your unique understanding, your unique work, and your unique style of life all have to do with the Personal Essence. The Personal Essence is the person, actualized in his or her life, while the essential self -- the point -- is beyond this life and, in a sense does not need a body. It is always the same; it never changes.

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