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Facing a Radically Different Perspective on the Diamond Approach

We’ve taken several steps so far in approaching the understanding of the dynamic of realization and practice. We’ve been exploring the role of our responsibility and the role of the dynamism of Being. I’ve been presenting a perspective, a view, that might appear radically different from the teaching of the Diamond Approach as we’ve known it so far. This view we are exploring does not really negate or contradict anything—it includes everything in a wider perspective. This wider perspective accommodates all views without being limited by any one of them. I am not asking you to believe me. You can take this teaching as a proposal or as a hypothesis to seriously consider and test in your own experience. It requires a great deal of basic trust, a deep inner grounding in the goodness of reality, to even give it serious consideration. I really mean it—being open to learning is not a matter of taking anything I’m saying as an article of faith. I’m basically challenging all the articles of faith that we’ve had so far. So we don’t want to substitute one dictum with another one that says something different. We need to find out the truth from our direct experience. We each need to have the understanding, and the development of our capacity needed for such depth of understanding, and the true and satisfying realization of our heart. Learning what reality is by grappling with the immediacy of our experience brings a completeness to our engagement with the spiritual path.

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