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Perspective of the Self on Practice

But we can go still further toward understanding what is happening in practice. So far, our understanding continues to lend itself to the perspective of the individual soul, the individual self, appropriating the realization, appropriating the insights, appropriating the understanding and the manifestations. We have seen how our practice contains an assumption of causality that appropriates the action of Being. We are exerting effort, we are being responsible, we are being committed, we are practicing—all of which exertion and sincerity we assume results in realization. In addition to the assumption of causality in this attitude, there is in it a persistent self-centeredness. We are still looking at things from the perspective of the self. Now I’m not saying that looking at things from the perspective of the self is a bad thing. I am not even saying that it is a wrong thing. I am simply saying that it is one way, and that there are other possibilities. And we can observe that looking at things from the perspective of the self, after a while, doesn’t feel very good. People are unhappy with it. And it’s good to know that there are other possibilities that Being can manifest, in which people find themselves full of joy and happiness and freedom.

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