Excerpt About Philosophers' Stone

The Philosophers’ Stone is the Whole Universe at All Times

The philosophers’ stone is the whole universe and, not just the whole universe, it is the whole universe at all times. If it were not the whole universe at all times, then it would not be beyond time. And if it did not contain the whole universe, regardless of the size of the universe, then it would not be beyond space. what is amazing about the philosophers’ stone is that it is the total being of all time and all space, but this Total Being of all time and all space can manifest as any particular at any space-time coordinates. true nature is the whole that is, at the same time, each particular that is completely the whole without losing particularity and form. What really matters is that we as individual human beings are this mysterious philosophers’ stone. As we explore it, it reveals itself to us because it is our nature, the nature of reality. It reveals to us the secrets of reality—what we are, what reality is, what the meaning of life is. True nature is the answer to our deepest questions: “What are we? Why are we here? Why is there something instead of nothing?” We can know the answers to these questions even if we cannot write them down or speak them aloud.

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